Members and structure of APR

There are three types of members of The Romanian Association of Psychologists (APR): full members, affiliated members, and honorary members.  Full members need to have a bachelor degree in psychology. Affiliated members are psychology students, students, and practitioners that work in fields related to psychology.

To become a full member or affiliated member you have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Submission of the application forms- following the procedure of application approved by APR board.
  2. Approval from APR board.
  3. Payment of yearly member dues.

To become an honorary member you have to have made a distinctive contribution on the field of science, research at a national, or international level, and also to have made a valuable contribution on reaching the goals of APR. The members will be chosen by the APR board, as a recognition of the professional work done by the person, on the field of psychology, and in APR.

The following members are honorary members due to the valuable contribution on developing APR:

  • univ. dr. Mihai Golu (APR president 1990-1999)
  • univ. dr. Gheorghe Iosif (member of the APR Board and president of the Industrial Work Psychology Division in APR 1979-1990)
  • univ. dr. Ilie Puiu Vasilescu (General Assistant of APR 1990-1999, member of the APR Board and president of Research Methodology and Psychological Testing Division in APR 1984-1990)

 APR is organized into sections/divisions that have the following rules:

  1. Sections are organized at the request of the members, and it needs to be approved by the APR Board when the request seems real and useful and will serve the interests of the members.
  2. Sections are organized to cover the main area of interests -both at the scientific and professional level- in the field, based on the scientific and valid criteria.
  3. The approval of organizing a new section will be obtained when there is a request for a minimum 1% from all members in APR. In addition, the sections are not similar to a section already existing in APR.
  4. A section can be organized as an already existing organization/association, that is affiliated member in APR, in which case the name does not have to be changed, but will be used the mention: “Section in APR”
  5. One section can stop existing by itself, or by the legal choice of the APR Board when: there is lacking activity 2 years in a row, or when the activity is not following the APR goals.
  6. The sections have the freedom to set up the rules of functioning and organizing, as long as they fallow and respect the APR goals and status. The status of the section has to be approved by APR board.
  7. Every section must have a president and an assistant. There can be other jobs in the section as long as there is a request for that.
  8. Every section president has to present a yearly activity report to the Board of APR.
  9. The Section can request funding from APR budget for the section activities, with the approval of APR Board. Any other funding belonging to the section it is entirely at the section use, throw the APR budget, as long as the use of the money agreement of APR goals.
  10. Section President has the right to be part of the Board meeting, but he/she has not the right to vote.

I. Professionals Associations accepted as affiliated members in APR:

  • Association of research, counseling and integrative psychotherapy (president: Oana Maria Popescu)
  • Association for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (president: Ticu Constantin)
  • Association for Integrative Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (representative: Felicia Ciobanu)
  • Romanian Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy (president: Anca Dobrean)
  • Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (president: Gina Chiriac)
  • European Institute for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (president/manager: Gina Chiriac)
  • Society of Military Psychology (president: Doru Marineanu)

II. Student Associations accepted as affiliated members in APR:

  • Romanian Association of Psychology Students

III. Universities accepted as affiliated members in APR:

  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași – Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (representative: Ștefan Boncu)
  • Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca – Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (representative: Adrian Opre)
  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș – Department for Counseling, Career Counseling and Students Information (representative: Mihaela Rus)
  • West University of Timișoara – Faculty of Sociology and Psychology (representative: Delia Vîrgă)
  • Spiru Haret University – Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences from Brașov (representative: Otilia Todor)